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Are you experiencing an increase in negative reviews for your brand? Is there recent product recalls and defects that are causing problems for your brand's social media platforms? Is there a story about your company that has been published by someone else and is getting more attention?

It doesn't matter what source it is; it's out there and ruining your company name. Even if you don't see it yourself, your target audience likely does. This could mean that your company loses a lot of customers. One lousy link can make a massive difference in the reputation of your company.

TS ORBIT offers the following:

  • One dedicated contact who is trained and experienced in White Hat Reputation Management tactics
  • There are many ways to approach your company's reputation.
  • Competitive pricing

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What are call centers

The contact center is the core of customer support for many companies, in which customers call for assistance and representatives make calls to sales. It's known as "call center" since traditional customer service models are built around phone support as the principal way of communication between businesses and their customers. Modern call centers are commonly referred to as a call center.


Our solution can support Manual and Automated Outbound as well as Inbound dialing, for both national as well as international clients.


Our call center inbound agents respond to calls from customers. They respond to their requirements, based on the business requirements, whether it's tele sales, customer service ordering and issue resolution or billing inquiries. Our call center agents are well-trained and knowledgeable about the procedures such as accent neutralization, and exposure to the task and the workplace in which they work in. TS ORBIT’s Inbound Call Center services team seamlessly transforms an issue or question into an effective, well-managed inquiry.


TS ORBIT’s outbound call center representatives call customers who are new or existing professionally and in a professional manner to reach segments and improve the customer experience. The call center helps companies promote their products, service(s) and conduct various surveys. Outbound calls are supported by its modern technology infrastructure and rigorous training sessions, quality assurance monitoring, and an experienced team of call center personnel. This results in increased sales with the most efficient outbound call center techniques. The campaign can begin immediately. TS ORBIT’s team meticulously reviews every call, and they record information about areas for improvement, summary, and comprehensive statistical reports.

Call Center Software

Software built on APIs provide customers to experience real-time customer service across various channels (voice chat, SMS, chat IVR, email social media and so on.). They serve as an automatic calling distributor (ACD) which can handle any task using several sources. The ACD is able to detect an incoming phone call and then scans it for specific information. The information is then cross-referenced to the call routing database instructions, and the software distributes the call according. The software keeps track of contexts of conversations and directs customers to the appropriate agent using computer telephone integration (CTI) and WebRTC.

If you create your call center using communications building blocks such as Twilio's APIs that can be programmed, you can select the features and channels you require and then add more features as your contact center grows. APIs allow you to be flexible to create the customer experience you'd like and the ability to tweak the IVR you use, your call flow as well as other aspects of your communications as often as you'd like.

Benefits of voice customer services

The top benefits of establishing a VCS. While there is a myriad of specific benefits for businesses and industries, but these are the ones that we have observed to be the most common ones:

Increased Customer Satisfaction

If staff and faculty have clearly established roles, it will help them gather information relevant to the job in hand and, consequently will not front load data collection onto the patient. Furthermore, since staff members don't have to work with patients at their physical location, or with patients using the phone this can increase the time to respond. Additionally, if staff at the call center spot an issue, they are able to move to the appropriate person before patients become annoyed.

Improved Call Quality

In peak hours at the clinic, the staff focus on patients that are in the clinic. Staff members aren't able devote time to patients who call in, which results in an increase in the quality of calls and more likely an mistake in the data collection.

Consistent Service

Instead of offering patients who call in the same level of service based on circumstances beyond their control, like what the number of patients is in attendance, or the level of seniority of employee, the call center provides an unchanging standard of service.

Lower Costs

Why are skilled employees answering calls that take off from their work and requires their skills? Call centers are an excellent method of introducing new and enthusiastic people to your company. Giving call center jobs for students in your company provides them with valuable experience working dealing with patients.

Enhanced Interdepartmental Communication

At present, staff members are performing multiple tasks, which includes taking calls from patients who are in various phases, general inquiries, and upcoming appointments, as well as benefit coverage. Call centers facilitate communications between departments, by explaining what information needs to be taken care of from their side, setting up an appropriate handoff procedure as well as ensuring that there is accountability.

Streamlined Software Integration

A majority of dental and healthcare organizations utilize the most efficient software that is used across their entire business. If your software is integrated with call center technology or has call center capabilities like Exan's AxiUm which collects data on a call center level can benefit all the roles within the company.

Easy Access to Service Data

Healthcare providers are more and more interested in to improve their services, however the ability to gather consistent feedback from patients can be a challenge. Call centers operate according to a system which may comprise surveys, track the speed of response/abandonment, as well as overall satisfaction is high. Check out the following examples of information you could get from a call center:

  • Service level: 90% (80 percent of calls were responded to in less than 30 secs)
  • The Average Speed of Answer: under 30 seconds
  • Abandonment Rate = 5% or less
  • How well did the representative know your requirements? 84% of you said that they were very satisfied.
  • What was the level of expertise of the person who assisted you? 82% of respondents said they were very knowledgeable.
  • How was the assistance of the Representative? 88% of people said it was very helpful.


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