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Are you experiencing an increase in negative reviews for your brand? Is there recent product recalls and defects that are causing problems for your brand's social media platforms? Is there a story about your company that has been published by someone else and is getting more attention?

It doesn't matter what source it is; it's out there and ruining your company name. Even if you don't see it yourself, your target audience likely does. This could mean that your company loses a lot of customers. One lousy link can make a massive difference in the reputation of your company.

TS ORBIT offers the following:

  • One dedicated contact who is trained and experienced in White Hat Reputation Management tactics
  • There are many ways to approach your company's reputation.
  • Competitive pricing

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What is non-Voice Customer service?

Contrary to calling center's call outbound procedure, this one doesn't require the customer to be contacted or make a call to the customer. This method requires the ability of typing or writing and the ability to comprehend the nature of the query to ensure getting the proper response. This is an essential procedure for dealing with customer problems via chat support and emails.

  • Chat support is an unvoiced process Comparing to a support via email chat support is more difficult since it demands flexibility on the part of the customers' executive. The person in charge of the call center services could be required to address questions of a variety of customers at the same time, that demands a lot of knowledge. In a typical call center, the volume of traffic is greater during the day as contrasted to the nighttime traffic.
  • Email support in the non-Voice process Support for email involves processing various data gathered through emails, and then sending an appropriate response. It is essential to understand the writing skills for an email and include the right information in email support. While email support doesn't involve communicating with customers via phone, it must be addressed in a short amount of period.

Non voice customer Support Services

Maintaining constant and unstoppable contact with your customers is vital to the successful success of your customer-relationship efforts. We have the tools as well as the expertise and staff to provide non voice customer support services to our customers and help build your brand.

Our customer support services to us will allow businesses to focus on their core strengths. Our non-voice customer support services:

  • Customer Services through Web Chat
  • Community Management on social media
  • Correspondence through E-Mail

Benefits of non-voice customer support

In this fast-paced business world, it's important that your customers understand the value of non-voice customer support. When they don't get what they need or want from you, they will leave your company and you'll be left behind. How can non-voice customer support help? Well, in today's business world there are more distractions than ever before, so even when someone calls up to make sure that their needs are met, they have a lot to do with other things.

Non voice customer support offers customers the ability to chat live with an agent. Now, this feature may not be free everywhere. However, many services are adding it all over to their packages, so it should not be too difficult to find one that provides it. Non voice customer support is just one of the many customer support options that businesses are choosing to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology. Businesses should always be on the lookout for any way to make their business seem more up-to-date and competent.

Non voice customer support benefits, like answering questions, can easily be integrated into your business plan. If you currently have a phone center, you should already have an answering service in place. If not, you may want to consider getting one. The more customer service options that you can provide to your customers, the happier they'll be. You can even start integrating voice mail into your non-vocal customer service options, so that customers can still get a live person to answer their questions after they've left your office. Voice messages can also be integrated into your call centers, which will help you increase customer satisfaction.

It is evident now that scales weigh differently based on different aspects. Thus, it is recommended to follow the process and invest in accordance with your company's goals. Businesses with high touchpoints such as hospitals and banks need to use both non-voice and voice services. Businesses with low touchpoints, such as small online businesses or local service providers can almost depend on only non-voice services.

Customer Services through Web Chat

web chat is also referred to as live chat is a tool that allows live chat between businesses and their customers via the web. It aids in dealing with issues related to sales and support throughout the customer experience and enjoy the following advantages.

  • Improve the customer experience (CX) Web chat lets customers submit questions that can be addressed faster than a phone call. If clients receive instant solutions and solutions, they enjoy more positive experiences with brands.
  • Give real-time support You can easily contact your customers live via web-based chat online to offer faster help with sales or for support. It can help improve the speed of your first response and increase conversion rates.
  • More satisfied customers Web chat provides customers a quick and efficient method to receive quick answers to issues that arise during their journey. Help is provided immediately in the event of need, improves customer satisfaction.

Here are the most important examples of how companies can utilize web-based chat rooms to make the most of their customer service strategy.

Community Management on social media

Community management for social media refers to the process through that your business interacts with its customers through social media. This is most likely related to your social media accounts. However, it can also apply to additional profiles that you monitor, such as influencers and industry-related pages.

Effective community management usually requires tools for social media marketing that allow you to look over, organize, and prioritize all messages and conversations surrounding your brand.

The management of social media communities starts at the start of the journey for customers once the brand and relationship with the customer are established.

The approach to expand and connect with any audience in the company's social media is employed to draw in potential customers and increase conversions.

Manage your social media presence to nurture and grow existing relationships can increase your chances of winning over followers and increasing the ROI of your company.

Correspondence through email:

When one firm sends an email to another company and the responses to the email are provided, and then correspondence is established between the two firms is created. If the correspondence is done using the use of electronic mail, then it is known as E-correspondence.

Therefore, E-correspondence can be described as an election-related correspondence, or email correspondence. The email correspondence is done through electronic methods. Information between parties is exchanged using email addresses.

Thus, it is logical for both parties to provide their email addresses in the correct format. This is the way each of them will get the details.

The writing of emails is to be a vital component of any business. It is often thought of as the sole method of communication. Therefore, it gets much importance.

The person who is sending the email must take care since the email may be repeated includes the personal information of the company.

It is therefore his responsibility to ensure that the information isn't shared with anyone other than the individual. Before we can learn more about formal email writing process, it is important to understand the principles and the features in email-writing.

cost-effective E-mails can be economical and allow communication with speed as opposed to other forms of communication. With smartphones you can send email effortlessly from any time and at any place.

A few of the features of email are

Packs: Through the use of Messenger and Outlook you can create various formats of emails. This allows you to deliver your email to anyone within a matter of minutes. The address box will allow the sender to forward the email with no difficulty. You can alter the size of the font, highlight the crucial points, save images, and much other options using email.

Spam: All unwanted and unwelcome emails may end up in the junk mailer without any effort. They could be ads or job offers, promotions and other emails that you're not interested in.

Signatures: You can customize your signature to meet your needs in the email. If you reply to anyone or emailing someone, the signature will be automatically displayed in the footer of your email. Therefore, you don't need to sign your name over and over.

Attachment: The feature lets users to share any document such as presentations, photos videos, documents, and more, along with an email. The size of attachments is restricted.