EDEN Ipswich


Eden is a stylish lounge, which accommodates up to 250 guests over two floors, providing one DJ booth on each floor, with different genres of music to suit your mood.
Eden came with the dream of making their business online.
Knowing there was room to improve, Mr. Jadoon came to TS ORBIT with three main challenges:

Design and Development of their Website
Expanding their online presence
Growing their social media following


Design and Development Team of TS ORBIT worked closely with Marketing head of EDEN and ended up with well responsive website with all the featurs required by client.


Since working with TS ORBIT, EDEN observed a 65% increase in first 6 months . With their new website and digital marketing services from TS ORBIT, EDEN is growing day by day.

From The Client

"Always available to answer any questions. Very knowledgeable about the services they provide. Would recommend to anyone!"

Jadoon Basheer