Irfan Khalid runs his BPO and provides services like Lead Generation and Customer Services to SMBs working in USA and Canada. They have the highest levels of customer satisfaction and adheres to an extremely strict ethical code of conduct. Irfan required a digital agency which can control and drive traffic to their websites to provide them with more leads on customers who require BPO services.


To help them grow their Business we designed and developed a well responsive website for them and created their Social Media presence as well. We helped them with E-Mail Marketing and SEO as well.


VirtualUX saw several wins with our digital marketing strategy, including:
Goal conversions on the site have almost doubled since we started their SEO campaign. Our creative designers worked really hard to design posts for their Social Media asserts. In first 6 months they received more than 500 business queries from their website and social media.

From The Client

"You have been absolutely wonderful for VirtualUX, and I can't thank you enough for all your tremendous skills, support and patience specially when we were launching our business. You will always be vendor of choice for VirtualUX."

Irfan Khalid