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Are you experiencing an increase in negative reviews for your brand? Is there recent product recalls and defects that are causing problems for your brand's social media platforms? Is there a story about your company that has been published by someone else and is getting more attention?

It doesn't matter what source it is; it's out there and ruining your company name. Even if you don't see it yourself, your target audience likely does. This could mean that your company loses a lot of customers. One lousy link can make a massive difference in the reputation of your company.

TS ORBIT offers the following:

  • One dedicated contact who is trained and experienced in White Hat Reputation Management tactics
  • There are many ways to approach your company's reputation.
  • Competitive pricing

We get it — sometimes you want to speak straight to the source. To speak with a Digital Marketing Specialist about our marketing services, feel free to give us a call at:.

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What is reputation management, and what does it entail?

Before we dive into pricing, we need to take a closer look at reputation management. What is reputation management? Reputation management refers to the improvement of your company's standing among Internet users, especially in Google search results and online comments. Here are ten examples that demonstrate the value of reputation management services to your business.

Ten instances of reputation management

Service Example
Service Value
Saturating search engine results Positive content that is positive and fills Google search results will help to suppress negative news.
Keeping track of search results Keep an eye on Google search results to ensure that they show your business in the best possible light
Social media optimization Use free profiles to get Google search results for your brand
Having control over social media You can control the conversations people have on social media about your brand
Putting your brand out there Promoting your company and website on other websites that are powerful to increase brand awareness and positive press
Reorganizing search results Multiple strategies can dramatically change search results
Reputation as a distinguished executive Promote articles and blog posts that highlight corporate leadership
Creating multimedia Create photos and videos that rank your business in multimedia-specific searches
Transparency in communication We will report to you regularly on what we plan to do, how we did it, whether it was successful, and other details.
Following up on results This will show you where your money went and how it has helped to build your online reputation

Let's now get into the details. But, first, it would help if you fought back against any competitors' criticisms or threats to your company.Our reputation management services are specifically designed to help you take control of your online image and rebuild it brick by brick.The pricing table below shows the most popular reputation management packages.Remember, if you don't like any of the packages we offer, we are happy to make a customized plan for you!

Service Features Company 1st Page Company 3rd Page Brands 1st Page Brands 3rd Page
Phrases protected & monitored 1 1 8 8
Search positions protected & monitored 1 to 10 1 to 30 1 to 10 1 to 30
Dedicated account representative
Up to two personal consultations per month
Development of micro-sites
Article submissions
Press releases
Social media bookmarking
Social media profiles
Facebook - setup/enhance & promotion
Twitter - setup/enhance & promotion
Flickr - setup/enhance & promotion
YouTube - setup/enhance & promotion
LinkedIn - setup/enhance & promotion
Business profile linking
Forum profiles
Forum comments
Creation of Ning social network
Squidoo lens
Hub page creation
Blog comments
Blog setup
Blog network distribution
Blog RSS directory submission
Blog RSS distribution
Google profiles
Yahoo answers (Q/A)
Photo sharing
Forum site reviews with aged accounts
Customer reviews
Power point submissions
Video submissions
Video promotion
Guest blogger posts (Compliant with new SEC guidelines)
Additional unlisted link building strategies
1 Hour Consultation with WebFX, Inc. CEO
Monthly account reporting
Online tracking system access & notification
Optional PPC management for protected phrases (PPC network spend paid by client)
300+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
One time campaign investment (2 month duration): $7,500 $10,000 $15,000 $20,000
Progressive monthly reputation management (Min 6 month duration): $2,000 $3,000 $4,000 $5,000
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Find out how to get 11.5 times more clients

Believe it or not, 92% of consumers check online reviews before buying.

You should not have a poor online reputation. You are likely losing 92 customers, which you could have you get one for every eight.

There's a silver lining, however. You could increase your sales by 11.5 Assuming you only earn 8% of your potential customers, your current income.

This is the bottom line when it comes to corporate reputation management. This could allow you to earn so much more. You could outperform your competitors even more. If only your customers didn't see the negative comments about you online, you could thrive online.

Defend yourself — and win!

TS ORBIT offers a corporate reputation program to help your company get in the ring and start throwing punches.

You don't just remove an unfair review when you throw a new punch. It also makes it more difficult for new unfair comments to be seen.

This is the basis of TS ORBIT 's reputation management strategy. TS ORBIT 's reputation management strategy is based on a combination of offensive and defensive strategies. Once you win, you can relax and go for it again.

We also keep an eye on your online reputation so that any negativity doesn't return. We will deal with it quickly if it happens.

Reputation management is a way to keep your company safe from incoming threats. We are here to help you appear as professional as possible online.

The "Big Three" Reputation Management Websites

Corporate reputation management is more than just managing your website. It also takes advantage of critical online properties that can help improve the image of your company.

These sites are also the most popular sources for online reviews.

What are the most significant websites for reputation management?

1. Google

Google is the king in almost everything online, including your company's image.

Google will rank websites higher if it feels that they offer a positive user experience.

Google will rank your website if you create a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate for your visitors.

Yelp, Facebook, and other sites like them are already in existence, and Google loves them.

When you make your first website, Facebook and Yelp will have an advantage. These websites will be more prominent in search results for your brand. They might even surpass you for a few months before Google's algorithm determines that it should rank before it considers the review sites it prefers.

Google also has a reviews section. In addition, Google now allows customers to leave feedback, positive or negative, that will appear right in search results.

It means that when someone looks at your brand name, they also look at your reviews.

Google reviews are a great way to improve your company's reputation. Remember that 92% of people read online reviews before making a purchase. In addition, Google is the most used website globally, so you can be assured that many of your customers are looking at your reviews there.

Google isn't the only review site that has an impact on your company's reputation.

2. Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social network in the entire world. So, it's safe for you to assume that many of your potential customers will search Facebook for you in addition to Google.

It's easier than Google to manage your Facebook reputation. These steps will help you control your Facebook reputation.

  1. Register for an account
  2. Complete all fields
  3. Start writing about your business
  4. Comment
  5. Encourage customers to leave reviews

You'll find that Facebook is a great way to build a community of potential customers who are eager to hear from your company.

You will eventually get a complaint from a customer. You can manage that by responding to the customer's complaint and explaining its circumstances.

This shows customers, especially the complainant, that you care about them and encourages positive reviews.

Reviews on Facebook are essential as they appear in Google search results. However, negative Facebook reviews will make it more difficult for potential customers to find you.

It's essential to maintain a good reputation on Facebook. It will allow you to convert new customers via social media as well as search results.

Now that Facebook is under control, it's time for reputation management to move on to the final important site -- and it's big.

3. Yelp

Yelp was the first website to allow users to leave reviews online. It has grown in power and influence every year since its creation.

Yelp is today the center of online reviews. Its ratings are displayed in search results and apps as well as dozens of media formats.

Yelp is a great place to start if you're not yet using it. You can have your listing set up by other users. This means that you should claim it as soon as possible.

This can be done by visiting Yelp and looking up your business. Then click the "Claim!" option.

If you are not yet listed on Yelp, you can create your account in the same way.

After you have created your Yelp listing, you can begin responding to the reviews left by users. You can reply to both negative thoughts and positive ones.

Yelp is on your side, and you have taken control of the major websites that affect your online reputation.

TS ORBIT is the right choice for you, but there's one question that remains.

The service rating of TS ORBIT

We are experts in reputation management, and we have a lot of experience doing it.

Are you prepared to increase your company's online visibility?

Positive Thinking is the power of positivity.

It is time to establish your stellar reputation online!

Contact us today to set up your custom reputation management plan!