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We Design Personalized Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is still one the most powerful digital marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, remind people about your company and keep customers coming back for more.

A vigorous campaign is essential to make the most out of your email marketing strategy. It will ensure that your subscribers get the right information at the correct time.

Personalization of emails can be done based on many variables, including user behavior and geography. We offer a range of email marketing services that will help you reach your target market.

We get it — sometimes you want to speak straight to the source. To speak with a Email Marketing Specialist about our Email marketing services, feel free to give us a call at:

: +1(425) 320-4740

TS Orbit and his team’s solution had an almost immediate impact on our business. They were able build our network online incredibly quickly, which resulted in a high value client win within the first 3 weeks of working with them.

Joe Nagle
Project Manager-Smart Data

Reasons why email marketing is beneficial to your company

TS ORBIT's email marketing services are a powerful and highly effective way to market your business. However, you might have heard that email marketing has lost its effectiveness or is not as powerful as other digital marketing strategies. It's not true.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and effective digital marketing strategies. It allows you to communicate with your audience to remind them about company events and share special offers.

1. Maintain contact with your target audience

Your customers can be kept informed by email. Customers can check their emails whenever it suits them. This can give the impression that you care about them. It can be as simple to say, "Hi, we're on your mind, here's a special offer!" Or "Here is an update about what has happened in the past weeks." All those who have signed up for your email list have made it a promise to receive these emails. These emails will be enjoyed by your customers, provided you provide something they enjoy reading.

2. Entice your subscribers to come to your store

Email can be used to encourage customers to visit your storefront and make a purchase.

You can encourage your subscribers to visit your store by telling them about specials and events in the store. This will allow you to meet your customers face to face and give them the opportunity to see your products in person.

3. Encourage your subscribers to go to your website

A custom profile photo and cover photo can increase brand awareness and send positive trust signals. Your dedicated social media specialist will optimize your profile and cover photos for social media if they already have a professional, on-brand image.

4. Personalizing emails can help you appeal to your subscribers

An email is an excellent place for subscribers to express their appreciation. So how do you do it? Personalization.

74% of marketers say that target personalization increases customer engagement. This makes perfect sense since personalizing emails allows you to appeal to individual interests based upon past purchases, pages visited, and other factors.

Personalizing emails can be done by starting with the subscriber's name and not making it appear as a bulk email. Then, if a user sees their personal information, they will recognize that it was written specifically for them.

You can also personalize the subject line, which increases the likelihood that users will open the email by 26%.

You can also personalize each recipient's email content based on what they have searched for on your site, what they have left in their cart, or previous purchases.

You could suggest similar products to remind them about an item left in their cards or let the customer know that you still have it in stock.

5. Email marketing has the best return on investment of any digital strategy

ROI is an essential aspect of a business. It stands for return-on-investment and tells how much profit you make on every dollar you spend on advertising, marketing materials, materials, or other expenses.

Email marketing has a remarkable ROI of 4400%. This means that for every $1 spent on email marketing campaigns, you will make $44.

This kind of ROI is why you should consider email marketing for your business.

6. Emails have a high click-through rate

The goal of any digital marketing strategy to increase website visits is to increase clicks.

No matter whether you're using a Facebook page, a button on a website, or a Yelp hyperlink, you want to do all you can to get people visiting your website.

When compared to tweets, emails are six times more likely to get a click.

7. Email marketing drives conversions

Email marketing is a great digital strategy to drive conversions.

Email marketing drives more conversions than any other channel, including search engine marketing and social media marketing.

Conversions are what make your business successful. They are also one of the key metrics that can help you determine the health and well-being of your company. Your business will not survive without conversions. Email marketing is an excellent way to increase sales.

8. It’s affordable

Yes, we do know you wanted us to address that one. A small number of customers can be reached for pennies per message. Email marketing is so cost-effective that it's hard to believe every company doesn't take part or engage in more email marketing campaigns.

SendGrid charges $0.0006 for email marketing services at the Platinum Marketing Email level. Mail Chimp gives you the ability to send as many as 12,000 emails per calendar month for free. Growing businesses with more than 600,000 subscribers offer a higher monthly plan and high-volume sender packages for any amount above that. Vertical Response, an email marketing company, offers free email marketing with up to 4,000 emails per calendar month and 1,000 email contacts. Vertical Response also provides subscription services to higher-volume senders.

Yes, this offers a significant ROI. However, it might not be wise to hire someone as a manager. Shout It Out Designs claims that your company would spend approximately 152 hours managing a campaign with a 15,000-email list per annum. This would include scheduling, sending, writing, and scheduling. In addition, emails are used to answer questions about offers or missing coupons.

Why should I outsource email marketing management to a third party?

There are several things you should consider when deciding whether to hire an email marketing agency.

Is there anyone on your team who is familiar with email marketing?

If you want to keep your email marketing in-house, it is essential to ask whether anyone on your team has any experience in this field.

It is crucial to have an expert on your email marketing campaign to ensure the most effective and beneficial campaign possible. This includes everything from automation to content to personalization. You won't likely get the same results if you hire just anyone to do the job.

You could spend a lot of money if you don't have someone on your team and hire an independent freelancer. You will have to pay them a salary and provide all the resources they need to run the best email marketing campaign possible for your company.

Look at this before you decide to do your own email marketing

Many small business owners manage their entire operation in-house, including bookkeeping, payroll, content generation, and so on. If you are considering doing your email marketing in-house and learning it yourself, here are some questions to consider:

  1. Is there time in my schedule for me to learn about email marketing?
  2. Is email marketing something I'm interested in enough to give it my all?
  3. Do I have enough time after learning about email marketing to manage a campaign?
  4. Do I have enough time to contact potential customers?
  5. Is it possible for me to keep in touch with current customers?

These are essential questions that you should ask yourself before you start email marketing.

If both answers are "no," it's time for you to begin looking for an email marketing agency that suits your needs.

Why would you want to hire an agency? There are many great reasons to hire an agency.

They are well-aware of what they are doing

Agencies are experts in email marketing management for their clients.

While your job is to manage your business, an agency's position is to offer you stellar email marketing services.

They spend their entire day talking to clients, learning new techniques, and staying current in the industry. They are very good at what they do. But there is a reason they work in an agency.

You won't have to worry about your campaign if you hire an agency made up of experts. They will take care of all the details and teach you how to do it. TS ORBIT has over 180 marketing professionals who can help you create the best content for your emails and manage your campaigns. They also know how to report on the results consistently. As a result, our clients have generated over 1,000,000 leads through our marketing expertise.

Instead of working late on your email marketing campaign, you can finally go home to eat dinner with your family.

They do everything for you

An email marketing agency can assist you in creating the ideal email campaign. This means they provide everything you need to make the perfect email campaign.

TS ORBIT provides email content creation every month, campaign strategy, email programming, split testing subject lines, and much more.

We'll even send your emails, set up your landing pages, and provide monthly or quarterly lead generation reports, whichever you prefer.

They offer different email options

Did you know that there are many types of email campaigns available? Each type of email campaign is best for a specific situation and target audience. Most email marketing agencies offer many options.

Segmenting your email lists means you send different emails to different segments of your list. This could be a batch of emails that go to customers who have previously purchased from you and another set to those who have not. You could send packs to different recipients or people interested in other areas of your store.

Drip email campaigns can be used to nurture leads and eventually convert them. Every email is sent at the right time in the marketing cycle. In addition, the content of each email is designed to encourage subscribers at every stage of the funnel to convert.

They inform you of the status of your campaign

Many email marketing agencies offer analytics for your emails.

This is essential if you want to improve the content, design, and approach of your email.

Analytics gives your email marketer information like the open rate of an email, whether a user clicked on a link within the email, and other helpful information that can help you decide how to change your strategy if it isn't working well.

Why is TS ORBIT regarded as one of the top email marketing management firms?

TS ORBIT stands out among the many email marketing service providers.

Let's discuss a few of the things that make us different.

Price transparency is one of our core values

Budget is an essential part of determining if we are the right fit. So how can you tell if we are the right email marketing agency?

We are open and honest with potential and current clients about our pricing. This will allow you to know exactly what you get and how much you are paying and help you plan your budget accordingly.

We provide email testing

We want to see you have the most interaction and open rates with our emails.

We test all emails before they are sent to your subscribers. We want to make sure that your email is correctly constructed and understood by recipients.

We do the copywriting

You might have thought you would need to write the content for your email messages. TS ORBIT will create all the copywriting needed for your emails.

This way, all you must do is watch the conversions come in.

We design and implement your landing pages

Your subscribers are directed to landing pages when they click a button in an email. Landing pages can showcase your products or provide more information about your services.

The goal of a landing page is to get the user to convert, so paying attention to detail and providing all the necessary information is critical.

TS ORBIT will create and implement your landing page.

We run split tests on your subject lines

As we said, it is our responsibility to make sure your emails perform to their best. This means testing different aspects of your email to ensure they are performing at their best.

The open rate is significant, and your subject line can determine whether someone opens your email.

Split testing your subject line will be done to ensure that we can determine which one is most effective and receives the most open mail.

We manage your campaign

TS ORBIT makes it easy to manage your email marketing campaigns. Every package includes free online campaign management so that you can concentrate on what you do best: running your business.

We also offer partially managed campaigns if you are only interested in the entire campaign.

You will provide the copywriting for the partially managed campaigns.

Is it necessary for you to hire an email marketing service provider?

You're ready to launch an email marketing campaign for your business after reading this information.

Email marketing is a great way to increase clicks to the website, raise brand awareness, and, ultimately, stay top of mind for potential and current customers.

Are they happy with your subject lines? Are they opposed to the subject lines? What products do they purchase?

You'll learn how to create the ideal target audience persona over time and can fine-tune your targeting. Don't be overwhelmed if this seems overwhelming. We are here to help.

TS ORBIT is a top-rated company. Our clients have seen us generate over $700,000,000 in sales and more than 3 million leads. Our clients are part of our family, and our goals are theirs. We will work with you to design the best email marketing campaign for your company. And we'll make sure it works perfectly to get the results you want.

Our pricing policy will always be transparent, so you know exactly what you are paying and what you get for it.

A dedicated account representative will be assigned to you constantly to reach someone for any questions or concerns. They'll help you understand your email marketing campaign, how it works, results in your campaign yielding, and how to improve your email campaign in the future.

You can see what other clients think about your work by checking out our more than 400 testimonials and the many awards we have won.

We are a digital marketing agency that offers full-service, local services. However, we also have options available for those who live in the east or south.

We are open to working with you no matter where you live.

You can combine our email marketing services with other strategies to increase your marketing power. In addition, we offer additional services, including:

  1. SEO (search engine optimization)
  2. PPC (pay-per-click advertising)
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Content marketing
  5. Reputation management
  6. Web design
  7. Web development
  8. Custom infographic creation
  9. Video production

We'll be happy to put together a custom package that meets your company's specific requirements.

How to contact us?

You can find out more by clicking here for a free quote online. You can either email us to talk to a specialist to learn more about our services.