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Graphic Designing Services that Include Static Images, animations and Infographics

TS ORBIT is a One Stop Solution for your content related problems, our expert designers can help you fix issues like: animations, infographics and high end graphic designing. We focus on solving visual branding issues for SMBs by putting passion into practice to create modern websites.

We are the Best in this trade because of the following reasons:

  • Our data visualization specialists create engaging Infographics that explain and capture viewers about a topic in an alternate medium.
  • They build emotional connections and position your company to be an industry leader in a specific topic.
  • Our Internet marketing and online PR team will create a strategy that reflects your brand and industry. It is likely to be shared on high-trafficked websites.

We get it — sometimes you want to speak straight to the source. To speak with a Graphic Designer about our design services, feel free to give us a call at:

: +1(425) 320-4740

"TS Orbit is a rock-solid team, support, and valuable input throughout. We had a site which we have had for years and they have created a beautiful site that really has exceeded all of our expectations. I am so happy with the work I am working with them on a second project which will be going live very soon."

Mohammad Dawood
Chief Executive Officer - FDS

Infographics: A growing Internet marketing trend

Information consumption is changing rapidly. People prefer to learn facts and figures in new and creative ways. Companies have responded to this consumer demand by creating infographics. Data visualization is growing in popularity and is expected to continue to grow in popularity.

Learn more about infographics and how they function, as well as their history on our page What Is an Infographic. for additional information.

Infographics have a wide range of applications

Informational graphics can be used in many ways. Social media is one of the most popular. It can be used to illustrate a service or timeline on a page of your website or provide valuable data to your customers via a microsite.

TS ORBIT can create an infographic for you, no matter what purpose. We will show you why TS ORBIT is an award-winning infographic design company.

What makes data visualization so effective?

Infographics are a great way to reach most people, as approximately 65% of them are visual learners. They can also be used to provide industry insight and key information, which they will appreciate.

The Advantages of Using Informational Graphics in Your Business

You are the best person to know your industry. You are communicating this to your customers with the creation any informational images. Visuals make people feel connected. Marketing your infographic on other websites and placing it there will help boost your brand's reputation as an industry leader and build emotional connections.

  • Traffic to your website (from other websites that use your infographic).
  • Brand recognition and brand awareness
  • Useful links to your website that help with SEO
  • Overall sales
  • Customer loyalty
  • Long-term ROI increases

What are video infographics?

Motion graphics or video infographics are animated infographics. Motion graphics display information in an engaging way, often to music or other suitable background music. Below is the motion graphic version for the infographic.

While prices for video infographics are variable, our rates, just like our standard infographic pricing include both creation as well as promotion of your content. The video infographic price is shown in the pricing table. You can also visit our motion graphics page for more information about this new method of information animation.

Video Animation

TS ORBIT offers Video Animation Services to help businesses stand out and increase their social media and marketing reach. we can help you explain complicated topics, educate customers and employees, or create rich animated characters for your film director's debut. We accomplish Animation using advanced tools such as Adobe After Effects and Flash, Photoshop and Adobe Animate, combined with techniques like Model Animation and GCI, Drawn Animation and Cutout Animation.

Video Caddy is a full-service video animation company that offers an outsourcing structure that can be adapted to all budgets. This allows you to get animated videos that are compatible with your video content.

What are micrographics?

Micrographics are small infographics that can be used to break up text. Many are simple designs that add visual dimension to your pages. You can take great content to the next level with micrographics!

Although micrographic pricing is subject to variation, we offer complete packages at affordable, competitive rates. For a detailed overview of the micrographic services we offer, please see the pricing table.

Brand promotion with infographics yields positive results

You can then enlist the help of our skilled and professional design team to create an outstanding and unique infographic. Is that a cost-effective strategy? Informational graphics are designed to increase traffic, brand awareness, and ultimately sales. Promotion is key to achieving these goals. Your infographic might not be seen if it isn't promoted properly. Our Internet marketing team is here to help you make your content viral.

Our team of award-winning infographic designers, certified Internet marketers and Internet marketers work together to create a cost-effective, sound Internet marketing strategy. Design is only one part of the puzzle. Although the design is an important piece of the pie, it will not be seen by anyone. Our Internet marketing team has extensive experience in the promotion and promotion of infographics across a variety of industries. Our team of experts can help you devise and execute a strategy that will be a worthwhile investment.

Before we begin designing infographics, we conduct extensive research to get valuable insight and provide precise and unique data. This ensures that your infographic contains the statistics and information your customers are most interested in. Our infographic design team creates an informative image that stands out from the rest of the web.

Our dedicated team of PR professionals will promote your infographic once it is completed. They will ensure that it gets as many social media links and shares as possible. This will help increase your brand's credibility online.

Social Media Creatives

Your social media profile is a key part of your brand. Consistent branding is essential for a successful social media marketing strategy. Social media is visual platform. No matter how well-designed your strategy, it will not work.

Professional designers know that online activity can have a significant impact on your company's growth and ROI. Color Whistle’s designers will create marketing materials that work for you. Our social media designers are skilled in creating professional, eye-catching marketing materials that will appeal to all audiences.

For Graphic design services, go with TS ORBIT

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For Graphic design services, go with TS ORBIT