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tsorbit is an emerging copywriting agency that is committed to increasing the online success of your business with original and unique web copy that ranges from blogs to sales emails to online guides. If you're looking to increase online traffic, sales, and engagement on social media, our expert team can help your business achieve its goals.

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tsorbit is a digital development and marketing solution provider, we create custom marketing strategies for each of our clients based on their business needs and revenue goals.

Our teams keep the focus on the required deliverables which mean the most for our clients. We know that achieving revenue goals is what moves businesses forward, and we believe that success of our clients is the best indicator of our own performance.

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Professional and Personalized Web Copy Writing Services

Personalized Content means being able to show the Right Content to the right person at the right moment. Custom-made Content solves long-standing web problems in terms of usability and can increase customer satisfaction and conversion.

Personalized web content can be a powerful tool for influencing consumer behavior. In the past, creating personalized Content required more work on the company’s part. However, modern segmentation is more accessible and cheaper thanks to artificial intelligence combined with marketing tools.

We get it — sometimes you want to speak straight to the source. To speak with a Content Marketing Specialist about our marketing services, feel free to book a meeting:

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5 Types of Personalized Content

It’s possible to apply the information you have learned about personalized Content and the factors that can be used when segmenting your audience. Here are some examples of personalized Content in action:

1. Interactive Quizzes

Everyone loves interactive quizzes on social media, which makes them an excellent content marketing tool. These quizzes allow users to personalize the content they see. BuzzFeed, a media outlet, is well-known for creating these quizzes. It uses them to increase engagement on its site and that of its sponsors.

Fun quizzes can be used by even small businesses to drive leads and engage customers. There are software programs that allow you to build your own personalized and unique quizzes easily. There are many options, features, and prices available for these programs. Make sure to review the features and options to choose the right one for you.

2. Retargeted Ads on social media

It’s easier than ever to share personalized content on social media platforms such as Facebook. You can target specific audiences by boosting messages you post to your profile page based on age, gender, and interests.

Retargeting current customers and audiences who have previously visited your website are also possible. Facebook says, “If you are using retargeting for customers who have visited your physical location, or if your CRM has collected contact information from customers, you can create an ad list to reach them with ads.
Retargeting can be a great way of selling to your customers who have visited recently.

3. GPS-Based Map Apps

It is possible to target users by using trackable map apps. These maps can reach users who have specific interests, such as those who are looking for vegan restaurants nearby, the best local hikes or fuel prices, or they can be used to show more generalized maps.

More than 1 billion people use Google Maps each month. It offers directions to where people are going but also suggests restaurants, gas stations, and shops based on their interests and location.

4. Gamification

To collect information about customers, many companies use fun interactive games. This data can be used for better understanding your customers and to increase their engagement with your brand. Gamification has a bonus. This will make your company more popular.

Meanwhile, in the Hong Kong market, Coca-Cola offers a free, branded app called Shake It to teens. In specific commercials, teens are asked to open the app and shake it to unlock prizes from Coca-Cola.

Gamification isn’t just for big corporations. Smaller companies don’t need to be intimidated by the technology required to add gamification into their marketing toolbox.

5. Personalized Emails

Email marketing allows you to target specific subscribers by segmenting your audience. These targeted contents are more likely to drive customers to your site.

Personalization can increase the chances that your recipient opens an email from you. It is also something smaller businesses can use. You can personalize your newsletters by including the recipient’s name in the subject line.

Each email platform is a little different, but if you are using Microsoft Outlook, for instance, you can use its Mail Merge feature to personalize subject lines easily.

How Can We Assist?

Clients and customers will have a more personalized experience if you provide them with a website that contains relevant and timely information to fulfill their needs. We offer a full range of customized web content services, including:

1. Real-time Segmentation
2. Real-time Content Personalization
3. Behavioral Personalization
4. Personalization of Firms
5. Auditing & Visitor Tracking
6. Creativity Customization in Real-Time
7. Link Customization
8. A/B Testing
9. Real-Time Online Access from Anywhere Reporting

What can you personalize with the Custom Content Service of tsorbit?

The possibilities for personalization are endless when you have all the data available. We recommend personalizing these elements to increase your site’s engagement.


You can instantly help your visitors find the information they are looking for by giving them a personal experience from the moment they visit your site. First-time visitors will be welcomed with a tour of your place, and return visitors will be provided with links to products previously viewed.

Calls to action

Different calls to action are needed at various stages of the buying process. Visitors new to your site might be put off by the apparent “Buy now!” messages. Customers who have been thinking about your products for a while won’t be motivated to click on the “Learn more” button.

By making timely calls for action, you can reach visitors based on how familiar they are with your site, past actions, and real-time behavior. These targeted messages are far more effective than generic statements intended to appeal to all visitors.

Special offers

Customers like to receive incentives. However, not all customers love the same incentives. You can make it more appealing for each customer by offering personalized coupons, discounts, and pricing packages.

Suggested Content

Your site visitors can choose to either leave the site entirely or go to another page after reading every word on each page. However, they’ll likely leave your site if you don’t give them an easy way to access relevant articles, product pages, or other steps.

We allow you to use multiple data points to ensure that every visitor sees relevant, targeted content. This will increase their time on your site and help them become customers.

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